»Frankfurt has developed into
a City with one of the highest
Qualities of life – for living,
working and Relaxing and
a stunning Skyline.«

The small metropolis with a big heart

Sip on a morning coffee that has hundreds of years of tradition, enjoy it with a melonpan from the Japanese–French patisserie, and chat with the charming architect you meet here every day. That’s Frankfurt. Cosmopolitan, but familiar. Frankfurters lovingly describe their city as the smallest metropolis in the world. Shimmering skyscrapers and the glamour of international finance come together with renowned artists, cultural institutions and picturesque nature. The city always has its finger on the pulse of the times, but without the hustle and bustle of mega cities. Around 740,000 inhabitants from 180 nations live here: together rather than side by side, creating new trends and preserving wonderful traditions. They make the city what it is today: a metropolis with the seventh highest quality of life in the world.

A skyline that has been setting international standards for years, bordered by Germany’s largest urban forest. The largest airport in Germany is only a few minutes away. A concentration of cultural institutions that is unique in the country. The city is nestled in the Spessart, Taunus and Odenwald mountain ranges that lure you to weekend excursions into the countryside. Everything is close by in Frankfurt. Getting around in the city is quick. Getting out of the city is also quick. The metropolis on the River Main is an important traffic hub by land, water and air.